12 November 2015

{Review } Bioderma Sebium Global

The blog has been quite silent for a little while and I do apologies.
I have not been in the mood to blog with life happening but I felt that this was one review that must be shared!!

As a teenage I suffered from acne, in my twenties I did have occasional breakouts. Now that I am in my thirties adult acne has now become my nightmare!!
It is stress related I assume and I have lost my self-confidence to even leave the house or hurry to cover up as soon as there are visitors at my gate. 

Until I tried Bioderma Sebium Global.
(Please note that this was the only product I was using to treat my acne) 

I had these huge cystic acne pimples popping up in the U section of my face. It looked totally horrid. Yeah I know I wanted to hide in my cupboard!
I started seeing a lot of improvements from week one of using this amazing product.
After a month I noticed that there was huge reduction and inflammation of the acne. And the red spots started fading away quickly And no new acne!

Impressive right?

*What does Bioderma Sebium Global do to combat acne?

·      Taking advantage of the latest dermatological breakthroughs, Sébium AI promotes the elimination of spots and blackheads and prevents them from reappearing. Its formula contains the Fluidactiv® exclusive patented complex which biologically regulates sebum quality, preventing pores from becoming clogged and limiting the formation of new blemishes.
· Zinc gluconate, combined with enoxolone and a lipase inhibitor, limits the proliferationof P. acnes, the bacterium responsible for the inflammation that causes spots, soothes redness and relieves irritation. Sébium AI thus prevents scarring risks since inflammation is correlated with the risk of scars.
·      AHA esters limit the thickening of the horny layer and smoothe out the skin texture.
·     Thanks to highly concentrated zinc gluconate, Sébium AI regulates sebum secretion and limits shine. The epidermis is purified and the skin is clearer

*Good to Know:

·        Scented formula
·        Hypoallergenic
·        Non-comedogenic
·        Paraben-free
·        Light, non-greasy, non-sticky emulsion

*information taken from http://www.bioderma.com

 Results sure speaks for itself !

This has been the best product that I have used for Acne. It works really fast with amazing results. Very affordable. I would definitely love to try more of Bioderma Products and would highly recommend this product to anyone with Acne. Give it a shot and you just might be surprised!

Bioderma Sebium Global is available at Dis-chem for R195.

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