7 October 2016

{Review} BH Cosmetics Bronze palette

I recenty place an order with BH Cosmetics (via Aramex Global shopper) and this was one of the items I ordered.It had just released in August. On looking at the shades I was like “I must have it “. It’s perfect for summer.
 On receiving it i was thrilled.This palette is housed in a sleek mirrored metallic case. 
This is a all in one eye and cheek palette with 9 beautiful shades of eye shadows, one bronzer and one highlighter.The eye shadows include light and dark shades, 2 mattes and 7 shimmer.The pigmentation is amazing on the eye shadows and is easy to blend. Certainly makes it easy to create every day to exotic looks and creates a subtle smokey eye. And the highlighter is just wow that is all i can say!!!

This palette is super affordable at only $10 from BH Cosmetics.

Until next time beauties.....

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29 September 2016


Hi beauty fanatics. Let me introduce you to B!TCH FACE BLENDER
I won a year supply (4 B!tch face Blender – as they last at 3 months each) from House of An and Alila.
I can assure you all I totally ecstatic to try out these babies, I mean who wouldn’t be as makeup sponges is the new best friend of us makeup lovers.

These blenders comes in 6 funky colours, are latex free, Non –Allergenic, Odor-less, Hydrophilic and reusable. Can also be used wet or dry and expands to twice the size in water.
On to my experience, I simply must add that is my new favourite tool. I use this face blender (damp) to apply my foundation and found that the foundation was evenly distributed throughout my face and made my skin look natural and flawless. I simply put my foundation on my skin and then pat the blender against my face in quick circular motions. I love the B!tch Face Blender no doubt. Looking for a face blender for your makeup ? I highly recommend these babies at only R100 each, affordable right ? email hello@hoanimage.com for more info.
Until next time ....
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27 September 2016

Where has this year gone ??

OMG!!! Where has this gone ?

It is already the end of September and in 3 months time it will be the end of 2016. Can someone please rewind this year for me please ??

Working from home has not been easy for me and I am still struggling to find my balance believe it or not.
For all those who does not know I work for a family member doing bookkeeping. And this has its peaks.

Pros - I get to collect my daughter Laiqa from school, She gets to spends school holidays in the comfort of her own home and I more time with her. I can work at any time of day or night.

Cons - loads of work and underpaid!

 Well the pros outweighs the cons any day as I would do it in a blink of eye for my daughter.

Enough about my personal life and lets move on to my blog, which has been severely abandoned. I have wrote notes, reviews and ideas on several occasions but always got caught up on something or the other. I know blogging is a lot of hard work and I just refuse to give up on mine!!!

Here is to hopping to be more frequent in future.

Happy Spring Beauties

Till next time.

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19 January 2016

Life right now

Wow it seems like a while that I have not done a post.I know I am like 19 days late but better late than never right ?  I would like to wish every one a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May this year be way better than the last.

My resolution for this year is to be grateful for what I am  blessed with. Life is a constant struggle for many of our love ones and friends. It would certainly not hurt to be kind to strangers or anyone we meet .
Through out December my ADSL line was down until last week. So it was really bad as I could get nothing done. Really glad that it was fixed though.

My little girl started grade R at school last week Wednesday for the first time. We have never been apart for more than 2 hours. So yes I was petrified on how she would cope without me. But she seems to love school more that I thought. She actually cries to stay in school as I collect her at 1pm.
Well she seems to be fine without me and me on the other end misses her like crazy.

I work from home doing bookkeeping. I have been inundated with tons of work as the financial year end approaches.I really love working from home with flexible hours. But it does have it tolls eg late nights. 
I am struggling to maintain balance and manage my time more efficiently.

I feel that I have really abandoned my blog. This is my personal place, where I feel I can share my thoughts and reviews.  I would not want it to drown amidst life's battles. I am really going to try and improve my blog in content and do more blog posts once I find my balance. And I would really love to do some giveaways as well. ( Please note my reviews of products may or may not be new or latest releases as I tend to horde and forget about goodies that  I may have purchased a few months ago.)

End of It all, I guess everything will work out as nature intends :)

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