29 September 2016


Hi beauty fanatics. Let me introduce you to B!TCH FACE BLENDER
I won a year supply (4 B!tch face Blender – as they last at 3 months each) from House of An and Alila.
I can assure you all I totally ecstatic to try out these babies, I mean who wouldn’t be as makeup sponges is the new best friend of us makeup lovers.

These blenders comes in 6 funky colours, are latex free, Non –Allergenic, Odor-less, Hydrophilic and reusable. Can also be used wet or dry and expands to twice the size in water.
On to my experience, I simply must add that is my new favourite tool. I use this face blender (damp) to apply my foundation and found that the foundation was evenly distributed throughout my face and made my skin look natural and flawless. I simply put my foundation on my skin and then pat the blender against my face in quick circular motions. I love the B!tch Face Blender no doubt. Looking for a face blender for your makeup ? I highly recommend these babies at only R100 each, affordable right ? email hello@hoanimage.com for more info.
Until next time ....

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