29 April 2015

Katy Perry Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution

Its a Revolution

On opening the box I was surprised as this bottle was so beautiful. The shape and colour is very unique. And I love the cap as well shaped as a crown.
This is a floral fragrance with top notes of Pink Freesia and Pomegranate. The middle notes of Sandalwood, Orange Flower and Jasmine Petals, this adds richness without being sickly sweet. The base notes of Black Thorn, Skin Musk and Vanilla Orchard. I love the inclusion of Blackthorn which was used in spells by witches in the Middle Ages.
This bottle comes in a blue diamond. It rests on its side so won’t topple over.
I would wear this for both day and night. It’s not overly sweet or musky so I feel it works for me at any time although this one definitely belongs in the Spring/Summer
It’s very affordable .Price ranges are: 30ml=R395 50ml=R495 100ml=R595
200ml Body Lotion=R135
Just one spritz is enough and it lasts the entire day. I would highly recommend this awesome perfume to everyone.
Love love love is all I can say for this fragrance. Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution has just possessed me. Rebellion here I come.


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