17 September 2015

Review :Dior Addict Lip Glow

This was one product I was really keen on trying, I have really, really dry lips. The skin tends to peel off in little flakes, and no amount of exfoliating seems to help. I like that this has SPF in it.

This lip glow comes in a hard plastic case that is a pretty pink color. It has a little silver ball on the end. Very attractive and classy packaging.

The color is sheer and enhances your natural lip color. I don’t always wear makeup, and this feels like it would fit really well into my zero-effort beauty regimen. It feels like something I could keep in my handbag and slap on without having to use a mirror or worry about fading or how it’s wearing.

It’s not sticky at all, and it feels deeply moisturizing and conditioning. It has left my lips feeling soft and supple. Love that it is also long-lasting. After applying this, a couple of hours later I noticed, it was still definitely on my lips only some shine was lost. The pigment did not wear off, and my lips still feel nice and conditioned.

This lip glow has certainly helped me get through Winter :)

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