28 June 2015

M.A.C i will be back

A month ago, I ordered from an online store (lets rather not mention any names) that had a huge sale and I ordered some goodies that I really wanted. To my horror, they contacted me last week via email to let me know that the no longer have what I ordered in stock and was going to refund me. 
So here I was sitting totally upset and furious. So happened on that same day (23/06/2015) that I received that email that I could not get what I want, I also received an email from M.A.C offering free delivery. So without thinking about it I went on their website and ordered me a Ruby Woo Lipstick. I mean what better that a lipstick to make me feel better right? To top it off, M.A.C is one my favourite brands. So that got me smiling. Yeah baby!!
I received my order on Friday the 26th. M.A.C also sent me a sample – Zoom Lash Mascara. Impressive right J

Review coming soon.

What do you do when things do not go your way ? 

All I can say is M.A.C I will be back!!!!! 

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