21 April 2015

John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir

I have very fine and oily hair so quite honestly i was not to keen on trying this.

On opening i have to admit it smelt really awesome.

The oil has a thin consistency, and quite watery. The instructions recommend using one pump each time I wash my hair.(Really loving the pump - no waste age)I rub my palms together, and work my hands through my damp hair, even my roots.

The Repairing Oil Elixir helps reduce drying time considerably, which I love as I have to use less heat on my hair which in time will mean less damage. It even contains ingredients which protects the hair whilst using hot tools.As well as protecting the hair against further damage, it works a treat on helping to repair damage. It contains Inca Inchi Oil which is said to contain up to 47 times more Omega-3 than Argan Oil does which explains why this Repairing Oil Elixir is so effective. The ends of my hair feel so smooth, and really awesome.

I think for R110 for a 100ml bottle is totally worth it. A bottle of liquid Gold that is what i would call it

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