29 May 2015

Rimmel stay glossy lip glosses

SO yeah I am lip gloss hoarder my previous posts definitely shows this hahaha. I have this gloss in two shades

All day seduction (640) – a bit on the orange side
Stay my Rose (160) – light pink

The applicator: It's flat and curved and this one doesn't have as much bend to it, which allows for extremely precise application. It’s really lovely

Texture and shine: I found these glosses are not overly sticky it’s actually very slight. It feels nice and creamy on the lips. I also don't find it to be overly runny. It’s a light weight gloss. The shine fades rather quickly within half an hour and leaves more of a matte finish behind. For something called "Stay Glossy" I was actually hoping it would last longer.

Fragrance and flavour: I found the fragrance to be sweet and not overpowering. No flavour.

Staying powerAfter using these glosses a few times I noticed that they never lasted for more than an hour on my lips. For a gloss that says (right on the tube), "up to 6 hours" of "last & shine”.

Overall: I love the applicator, shades, texture and fragrance. The staying power was rather disappointing but for the price, I would say they are really very affordable and I really like it.
Available at Zando. www.zando.co.za Currently on special for R71 each (normal price – R89)

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